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Recently, Securus Technologies a leading firm that focuses on provision of technological solutions for investigation, monitoring and corrections to protect criminal justice launched an innovative application to help inmates save money and real times. Inmate Forms and Grievance application is an improvement that has been implemented on ConnectUs to ensure that customers are well catered for basing on their needs. Securus Technologies aims at delivering cutting edge solutions to customers and is dedicated to provide new innovations and features to ensure clients are at per with the emerging and trending technologies. Securus Technologies has made a great effort by providing a latest, modernized and effective technological application that aims at giving client’s incarceration experience.



About ConnectUs



ConnectUs is an active and rich inmate platform with amazing features that enable inmates’ access different applications designated by correctional facilities. This platform not only allows inmates access services and features but also govern set of activities provided at different times. Recently, a new feature known as Inmate Forms and Grievance application was added to the platform. This application is designed in a simple way so that it can be easily used and implemented. Additionally, the cost charged for this application is fair and so inmates are in good position to access the services it provides.



Inmate Forms and Grievance application allows self-service for inmates therefore they are able to access different custom forms and view their statuses. This helps them figure out on whether to appeal or accept the charges placed on them. Additionally, they can also create grievance forms, signup forms and medical forms among others. In the case of any changes inmates are free to correct them and this only takes a few minutes. This app in ConnectUs aims at bringing total transformation to digital automation. As one makes the changes, no printing is involved and so this helps save lots of cash.

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