Managing to Have an Enjoyable Camping Trip

Camping can be a nightmare if you don’t bring along the proper supplies and provisions. Planning your trip is as easy as knowing where you’ll be camping to the supplies you’re going to need (source). The most critical part of camping is knowing where it is going to be done. Unless you are setting up your tent in a specified camping zone, you might be sleeping on private property. Being found on private property can result in fines and even jail time, so don’t just go into the woods and start building a fire without knowing that it is legal. Campsites are a preferred choice because other than providing their campers with adequate space for RVs and tents, they may also have electrical outlets and running water.


If you’re bringing a tent along for the trip, you need one that is thermal-lined. Thermal-lined tents protect against wind, rain and general outdoor elements. For those camping during the colder months, thermal-lined tents will preserve the heat inside the tent so that it feels warmer. Apart from the tent, it’s important to bring along clothing that wicks away moisture to keep you dry. Bring plenty of socks so that you can change them frequently if there are puddles or rain in the area. Having consistently dry feet are incredibly important when camping for long periods of time.


Provisions are essential for keeping your team nourished and energized. Bring plenty of granola bars, trail mix and quick go-to foods. Peanut butter and bread can be great for lunchtime when you don’t have a stove or fridge handy. You may also want to consider investing in a gas-powered portable stove so that you have the option to cook regular meals for the family. These stoves aren’t horribly expensive and can be paramount to having a successful trip.


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