Marc Sparks: Creating Disruptive Brands with Focus on Long-term Goals

Marc Sparks is well-known across the world as a serial entrepreneur with massive success in numerous industries. He is a hero of all aspiring businessmen and an inspiration for people who care about the society, as a committed philanthropist. Much of his deep understanding and insights both in business as well as philanthropy comes from his humble background. Also, Marc is known as a man of qualities, and he is credited for implanting those qualities into each of his business ventures. Currently, he is the CEO of Timber Creek Capital – also the founder of the firm. Timber Creek is a highly successful venture capital firm that has garnered the attention of the industry in a quick span of time, under the leadership of Sparks.


In his nearly 35 years of career, Sparks has developed at least 40 companies from scratches in various industries from telecom to business solutions. He is also known for investments in real estate, futuristic technologies, venture investing, and more. Marc thinks that every entrepreneur should focus on some qualities, and for him, those are Savvy of Monetization, Faith, Focus, Tenacity, Passion, and Sparks Speed – an outrageous sense of urgency developed by Sparks in throughout the investment process. He also focuses on fairly treating people – people should be treated the way Marc likes they treat him. Sparks goes for a mix of honesty and respect for keeping relationships warm and long.


Marc Sparks is not afraid of following his heart and always look for opportunities in every industry he focuses. He always keeps two questions in his mind: How does he do it? and is he afraid of failing or losing? Marc says that he is passionate about new ventures and not afraid to lose at all. Sparks also has a clear vision of creating a perfect grooming environment for startups. Due to that reason, he remodeled the Timber Creek Capital office into a highly conducive one for startup incubation in early 2015. The new facility offers all the technological and functional resources for the startups to develop. The industry experts confirmed the new office as the magnitude of Sparks’ entrepreneurial brilliance.


Sparks has written a biographical book, They Can’t Eat You, a wonderful reference for every new entrepreneur. He explains his thought processes, strategies, how he handles various failures in ventures, and more, in the book. Marc Sparks is also a well-known philanthropist in Texas, and his focus is clearly on community development and addressing the concerns of disadvantaged sections of the community. He regularly contributes and guides the management of The Samaritan Inn, a homeless shelter for mostly women and children. The facility offers accommodation, financial assistance, required training for jobs, and more to make them independent. Marc also founded Sparky Kids foundation to help economically-struggling children to come out of the poverty. Learn more:



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