Martin Lustgarten is Causing Waves in the Global Investment Banking Circles

Investment banks offer means of raising funds and advisory services to institutions and other clients. They participate in trading activities for their customers and at times for their behalf. Historically, investment banks and commercial banks operated as entirely distinct entities. Today, many financial service companies offer both commercial and investment banking service, and they are called “universal” banks.

Top clients of investment bankers

  1. Corporates: These are companies operating in industries such as retail, media, food and drink, technology, healthcare, energy, and chemicals.
  2. Sovereigns: This group of clients consists of government agencies and quasi-governmental entities like the sovereign wealth funds and export credit agencies.
  3. Wealthy individuals: These are people with investable assets valued at more than $1 million.
  4. Funds: These are investment vehicles that pool assets of investors and adopt a specific investment strategy such as hedge funds, pension funds, and private equity funds.
  5. Banks: Financial institutions may carry out trading and investment activities to generate profits for themselves or protect the organization against risks.

Investment bank’s sources of income

  • Service fees: They include fees charged for advisory services, provision of finance, raising capital for clients, investment services, research, and trading services.
  • Investments: Profits generated from the investments made.
  • Trading: Profits amassed after purchasing and selling of securities.
  • Interest: Returns from loans offered.

About: Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten took advantage of his dual citizenship (Austria and Venezuela) to increase his client base and deliver quality services to them. He advises both experienced and beginning investors to focus on international investments. Spreading wealth between many companies enables investors to lower their risks and capitalize on local growth. Martin uses his long-term experience to observe the market closely and react when signs of economic slump become evident.

Investors can learn a lot from Martin’s investment tactics. He dedicates his effort to identify the ideal investment opportunity and utilizes his intelligence to navigate recessions. Martin serves as a CEO of an internationally recognized Lustgarten, Martin Firm. Through the firm, he has helped many young clients to plan their retirement. He has helped them in identifying the perfect investment opportunity.

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