Master Gardeners Inspire a New Generation of Children

The Stearns County History Museum is working to inspire a new generation of gardeners with their first annual summer Garden Camp for children. It is an innovative new program designed to teach school-aged children about growing plants and food in a fun, interactive way.

The camp is run by Master Gardeners from University of Minnesota Extension and lasts six weeks in the summer. Participants are in grades four through six and can expect a variety of gardening and educational activities. The camp focuses not only on plant, soil and gardening basics, but also on the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Perhaps the best part of the Garden Camp is that children don’t just learn there; they also get to grow their own plants and vegetables that they can bring home to their families. In this way, participants get to truly experience the joy of growing a vegetable from seedlings, watching it develop into something recognizable, and preparing it to eat. For urban school children, it is a very novel experience.

The Master Gardeners overseeing the program have designed it to be as hands on as possible. Their goal is to give kids direct experience with gardening from planting to harvesting that their whole family can benefit from. The educational team is volunteer, and the program has already produced multiple heads of lettuce and several, still green, tomatoes.

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  • Jeremiah
    August 6, 2016 - 10:43 pm | Permalink

    Perhaps the best part of the Garden Camp is that children don’t just learn there, they also get to know how plants and vegetables grow. And they put in their best to learn them just as they would to write the best essay in order to get a good grade.

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