Meditating Outside: Give It A Try

If you’ve ever thought about meditating, you might have imagined a group of hippies sitting in a circle somewhere in the forest, but meditation is something more and more people are taking up as an option for achieving contentment and peace in life, as you may have seen in recent posts on the Huffington Post.

Meditation has its roots in Hindu and Buddhist traditions that go back thousands of years, but meditation doesn’t have to be spiritual for you at all. For example, I meditate by not using technology for 30 minutes and sitting outside, all the while listening to the sounds of a park on a summer day. Sometimes, I’ll go on a hike and listen to a few songs all by myself, all the while not even giving any mind or effort to troubles and worries in life for a short while.

For me, and hopefully for you, meditation isn’t about conforming to someone else’s conception of it. For me, meditation is about taking care of my own self however that makes sense to now. It’s about finding peace and contentment wherever that may be for you. Meditating in general is restorative for your soul, but doing it outside can often give you a closer connection to the natural community and world around you that is often evasive inside.

Next time you feel overwhelmed with life, take a few minutes, go outside, and just listen to the world around you. You won’t regret it.

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