Michael Zomber: A Man of Many Interests

Most people do not recognize Michael Zomber for what he is. He is a storyteller. His works prove as much. He has penned several works including seven screenplays and four novels. His books include historical novels including Sweet Betsy That’s me: A Child of the Civil War, Shogun Iemitsu, and one non-fiction novel, Jesus and the Samurai. All are interesting reads.

One of the things that stand out about Michael Zomber is in interest in war and combat. He is globally recognized as an expert in Japanese weaponry such as swords, armor, and firearms. He particularly fancies studying the history of war. He has written a trilogy of books based on the Civil War period in rural Kentucky. His historical knowledge and attention to detail are astounding. The ‘Soul of the Samurai’ arguably his most famous work is a novel based in 17th Century Japan and explores a lot of forgotten aspects of Bushido (Japanese for ‘The Way of The Warrior).

Michael Zomber is also an avid collector of antique arms. He has been collecting weapons for about 40 years. Due to his expertise and experience he has been featured in several History Channel shows such as the Tales of the Gun Series that included episodes such as Guns of The Orient, Dueling Pistons, Guns of the Famous and Automatic Guns. Mr. Zomber also sells some of his antique weaponry. However, he does not just sell them to the highest bidder; he sells them to those who appreciate the artistry and history of the weapons.

Michael and his wife run Renascent Films LLC, a company which they use to produce documentary films such as his much acclaimed, Soul of the Samurai.
It may be a result of studying and understanding the devastating effects of war that leads Michael Zomber to give so much. He is a staunch anti-war supporter and world peace proponent. He supports initiatives such as the Doctors without Borders campaign, Amnesty International, and Unicef. He also supports the World Exchange initiative.

Michael Zomber and his wife have two children, a daughter, Gabriella and a son, Christopher who live just outside Philadelphia.

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