Michael Zomber Antique Weaponry Enthusiast

About Michael Zomber

According to his website bio, Michael Zomber was born and raised in Washington DC. He is an antique gun, pistols, rifles, armor and samurai swords, collectible enthusiast. Mr. Zomber is also known around the world as a specialist on the Japanese samurai swords. He became interested in collecting guns as a youngster. As he became a young man be created his gun collection. He began his college education at UCLA, where he received his English Literature and Psychology Bachelor’s degree with honors. He continued at UCLA and later received his Master’s Degree in English Literature. With his academic qualifications, he was able to pursue his career in his passion of history and historical events.

Renascent Films LLC

Back in 1998, Michael Zomber along with his wife Andrea establish their own film company. The film company is called Renascent Films LLC. They have currently published three films. The first film was a documentary called La Cucaracha. The second film is another documentary called Soul of the Samurai which tells the history of the Samurai lifestyle. The third production was called Deep Sea Diving that was a one-woman show.


Michael Zomber is one of the world’s most cherished historians authors of several books, as well as a number of screenplays. Some of his books include; Shogun Iemitsu, Sweet Betsy, Park Avenue, Sweet Betsy That’s Me, and Son of Kentucky.

History Channel TV

Michael Zomber has turned into one of the top experts in the area of antique weaponry and samurai swords. Michael Zomber is one of the major enthusiasts and collectors of weaponry and swords from ancient times. He has discussed his expertise on the Tales of the Gun series whose shows included; Shotguns, Million Dollar Guns, Guns of the Famous and Dueling Pistols.

Charity Organizations

He is also very concerned and caring about other people. Michael and his wife Andrea Zomber take part in charity organizations which include; Doctors without Borders, UNICEF, Disabled American Veterans, Global Exchange, Amnesty International, The Smile Train, Get Lit’s, also the Randolph Bourne Institute.

Michael Zomber Goals

An element of his goals is to advise people about weapons and the results of using weapons in an unfavorable manner. He also provides knowledge of collecting weapons and highlighting the splendor from the details to show the quality behind them. He currently resides outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with his wife, Andrea, who is a documentary filmmaker, and their two children.  Read more about Michael’s life on PRWeb.com.

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