Mike Baur Joined by Michael Hartweg in the Swiss Start Up Factory

Mike Baur was a successful executive within the Swiss banking system. He rose through the ranks and attained an executive position with the firm of Clariden and Sallfort. While most executives would rest on their laurels of accomplishment and enjoy their position, that was not the case with Mike Baur. He wanted to share his wealth and power with other young entrepreneurs as they began their voyage to the top. Baur saw opportunities when many in the American business world saw a frightening change as the American economy shifted from a producer based economy to a service based economy. Baur founded the Swiss Start Up Factory (SSUF) to assist young entrepreneurs with their new and creative ideas that can be useful to the fledgling “fintech” industry. Fintech took the lead from the enormously successful PayPal system that revolutionized how we pay for goods and services.
Baur has been joined by Michael Hartweg, formerly an executive with Leonteq. Hartweg will invest his time and money as a mentor for this new class of entrepreneurs.
This platform, SSUF, will provide funding, mentoring, office and secretarial facilities to those who apply and are accepted to the program. For the funding and help provided by SSUF, the company receives a 10 percent ownership in this newly created company. Baur and Hartweg offer a short cut to success for young and creative business people who need not have an office and staff and the payroll needed to begin a business plan. These new businesses do need one other person involved in the organization to be considered as applicants. Read all about the Swiss Start Up Factory and how to apply here: WorldWebForum
America and Europe are struggling with staid economies and gloomy outlooks for the future. These economies are not changing or adapting to the needs of a rapidly changing youth population whose desires for social connectedness are universally popular. Mainstream businesses who are blind to these demands will suffer until they see the advantages and the innovations coming from young entrepreneurs. The SSUF has seen the future and will meet the new demands of a world in which social communication ranks high in user preference. These apps play an important part in the new service economy. New applications (apps) make social communication and business transaction easier and better. The concept of the SSUF makes these processes easier, simpler and in many cases gives new creative ideas a head start over the established channels for the implementation of new ideas. Baur and Hartweg both offer these needed opportunities and valuable products to our changing world.

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