NCAA basketball is a great place to start sports betting

In a previous article we looked at what distinguishes a professional gambler from a recreational gambler. We then concluded that if someone has what it takes to become a professional gambler and is willing to put in the work then the best form of gambling they can learn is sports betting. We listed a few reasons why, within sports betting, NCAA basketball is arguably the best sport on which to focus. Here we’ll take a deeper look at why NCAA basketball is such a good choice for an aspiring sports bettor.

Scoring big with high scores

Besides NBA basketball, NCAA basketball is probably the highest scoring sport. While this makes for fun viewing, it also provides large profit opportunities for astute bettors. If an NFL team is listed as a 1.1:1 favorite but the handicapper knows they are actually a 1.2:1 favorite, the handicapper will struggle to make a lot of money on those bets. The difference between the offered odds and true odds is just too small. On the other hand, if an NCAA basketball team is listed as a 3:1 favorite but they’re actually a 7:1 favorite, such a disparity represents a truly huge profit opportunity.

Errors in college basketball odds of this size can occur when one team is a big favorite but the magnitude of their advantage is under-appreciated. This, in general, is most likely to occur in sports where strong offenses have the chance to run up huge scores versus weak defenses. In short, NCAA basketball is a perfect storm for total blowout games. And any time blowouts are likely there will be opportunities for big profits.

Another unique aspect of NCAA basketball stems from the sheer number of games. There are two reasons lots of games are good for bettors. The first is that it provides more opportunities to find incorrect lines. The second is that any individual contest won’t have tons of specialists, otherwise known as smart money, betting lots on games where they have excellent reads. This means more dumb money is wagered on those games. And dead money always means more profit for sharp bettors.

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