New Tech, New City, New Life

With all of the recent technological advances that have been put forth from talk of virtual reality and even self-driving vehicles, it leaves one to wonder what impact these leaps will have on society. Though many have quietly pondered the effects of technology on the lives of individuals, a certain group has taken this a step further to begin planning for a new city that takes advantage of the latest tech while taking into account what these new gadgets will mean for its residents. The startup accelerator Y Combinator led by president Sam Altman is planning a city project to not only utilize the newest ideas from the greatest minds around the world but also to discuss what role such innovations would, and should, play in society.

Altman, who initially funded the YC Research company with $10 million from his own pocket, explains in that he questions if a city will want or need self-driving cars as well as their safety in the early stages of development. As we get closer and closer to what was once considered science fiction and fantasy, it is refreshing to see that there are those who are carefully considering the real development of future cities and how daily life will be for those who choose to live there. Other countries have also begun developing cities with technology in mind, some of which have even been completed. Though none are quite as high-tech as what Altman and his team are dreaming up. To read more about YC Research’s ideas, check out the article mentioned above.

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