New Tips on Making Your Patio Herb Garden a Success

If you’re interested in creating a potted herb garden on your outdoor patio this spring, there are tons of benefits to doing this. But if you’ve never planted a garden before or don’t necessarily have a green thumb, you might be looking for some tips, so here they are!


  1. Plant seeds instead of small plants.


You may be tempted to purchase small herb plants at your local nursery or grocery store. But these rarely do well when they are later replanted into bigger pots. Instead, start your herbs from seeds. It’s quite easy, and the seeds will grow bigger and hardier plants for your herb garden.


  1. Choose your herbs carefully.


Herb seeds that are organic and will do well cost money, so don’t buy just any. Focus on those that you plan on using. Do you often cook Italian food? Basil and oregano would be great. Do you love Mexican food? Try some cilantro and chives.


  1. Pick your pots with the future in mind.


Tiny herb pots simply won’t do for large patio gardens, and if you plan on harvesting your herbs often, you’ll want your plants to be rather large. This means that you’ll need to look for large potters instead of tiny ones.


Don’t forget that if you’re going to have a patio herb garden, the hard work doesn’t just come from finding your containers and planting the seeds. As your seedlings grow into full-sized plants, you’ll need to make sure that they get adequate sunlight, water and fertilizer. You’ll also need to clip them so that they grow outward instead of only upward. By doing this and following the tips above, you should have a wonderful patio garden to benefit from in no time!


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