New Trends in Outdoor Living

When looking for a new home to buy or rent, people have always considered whether or not the home has a nice outdoor space. Nice outdoor living spaces provide an owner or renter with a great place to relax and entertain. While outdoor living spaces have been highly sought after for a long time, a recent news article ( has pointed out that there have been a lot of new trends and advancements with outdoor living spaces in recent years.


One trend that people are looking for more than ever before is for the lot to have more functionality and technology than ever before. A growing trend in higher end homes is to have outdoor kitchens, which greatly enhance the amount of cooking and preparation that can be completed outside of the home. Many people also like to have an area where they can sit and watch an outdoor television or have outdoor speakers installed to listen to music. Another growing trend is to have a separate router outside to provide guests with access to WiFi while they are outdoors.


Those that would like an outdoor living space are also looking for their space to be lower maintenance. While having nice landscaping is important, the would like it to look nice and not take a lot of work. Because of this, installing more container gardens, patios, and other fixtures to replace open grass is ideal as it results in less time needed to mow and prepare the yard. Many people also look for yards that already have a built in irrigation system, which can reduce the amount of time that is needed to water plants.


One of the most important features that people want in their outdoor living space today is to have more durable furniture. Furniture that sits outside will have to deal with a lot of impact from weather and people coming and going. Because of this, it needs to be very durable and be able to withstand the pressures of outdoor living. Today, many people look for acrylic upholstery that is both fade resistant and can be waterproof.


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