Newark Youth Will Gain Summer Employment, Thanks to CFO Kevin Seawright

The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation has started the Summer Youth Employment Plan to help Newark kids develop life, career, academic and financial skills through paid summer employment. The company will work with other city figures and companies to help kids gain summer employment and develop life skills, and also increase the graduation rate in the Newark area. The Summer Youth Employment Plan will last for six weeks and participants will take part in lectures and courses that will help them build leadership skills, prepare for college, and learn financial responsibility. The program will last from July 5 to August 16. During this time, students will experience on the job training and develop a work ethic as they do hands-on work tasks.

The initiative is spearheaded by Kevin Seawright, CFO of The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. The program will also include help from other Newark volunteers and business owners, and Santander Bank and TD Bank for the financial literacy portion of the program. Seawright told WorldClassNews he hopes that the youth participants will learn to open and manage a checking and savings accounts. All of the lessons learned with the program is a precursor for the road ahead. With job training financial literacy, the youths will graduate prepared for what’s next. The empowering and motivating lectures will be provided youths with an idea of how to tackle concepts like college and employment after high school.

Seawright has an extensive career in financial management and consultancy in the nonprofit sector. He graduated from Almeda University in 2005 with a masters in accounting. During his early post graduate years, he worked as a BLANK. He did something. In 2015, he earned a leadership certificate from Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business, further enhancing his skill set. Following his graduation, he worked for the Baltimore area, starting out as a Managing Fiscal Officer for the City of Baltimore in 2001. He later became the Payroll Director in 2002. His final role in the Baltimore area was the deputy campaign manager for a politician.

Currently, Seawright is the executive vice president and chief financial officer of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. He took office in September 2014. While he has gained accolades for his management of budgets for government, .He is also devoted to other endeavors. He devotes his time and effort to helping others discover and create success and wealth. His other interests include education and youth development.  Not to mention Kevin’s well documented love for music.

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