“Nick Vertucci:An Innovative Quick Wealth Maker In Real Estate”

A perfect example of a successful man that has worked his way from bottom up is Nick Vertucci. Vertucci lost his father at only ten years old, which put a strain on his family financially. As a result, Nick ended up living out of his vehicle for a short while before he started selling computer parts a few years later. His company was thriving and growing until the year 2000 when many online companies went out of business. As Nick did before, he pulled his bootstraps up and took a step forward into the real estate market. It took him over ten years to acquire the master real estate skill set that he has now. Having developed his own methodology in real estate training, Nick became an overnight sensation and quickly assumed millionaire status. Nick’s course offers all of the straightforward tips and tricks he has ascertained over the years for flipping houses and overcoming the challenges that are often encountered in the industry. The company holds an A rated standing with the Better Business Bureau and has thousands of followers with great success stories.


Nick Vertucci’s real estate course centers on accruing long-term wealth with the system he has developed in finding the right property, acquiring capital for purchase and repairs and finally making a quick profit and turnaround. The real estate courses are offered all over the United States and for the month of August include Cincinnati, Seattle, Nashville, Tampa and Baltimore. Nick Vertucci offers a free initial seminar with the opportunity to sign up for more in-depth classes. Mr. Vertucci is adamant about his courses being stress-free without any high-sales pressure tactics. Another valuable free resource offered by Nick Vertucci is his informational blog that is located on his website. NVREA workshops educates on some of the following areas of flipping real estate…


  • Techniques for establishing passive income with a 12-18% interest rate
  • Strategies for networking like a real estate expert
  • How to locate and ascertain profit producing properties
  • The principles of using others people’s money to finance the properties renovation with no cash down
  • How to proof against inflation
  • Secrets that most professionals do not want to share in regard to finding and flipping properties in one’s own area
  • How to work a second job while running a real estate business
  • How to use any retirement investments or funds as capital means https://www.crunchbase.com/person/nick-vertucci#/entity

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