No Waste with Water

In Brazil, there is news about using water without it being wasted for sanitation. The president of Trata Brazil brought up some good points about the basic sanitation project. He believes that there need to be more improvements in the areas of management, structural, and resources area. He wants to put an emphasis on the sanitation services that is 90% is performed by public power. The 70% of the users is served by state organizations. He says that both private and public water can be performed together to make a better and more efficient water sanitation.


In terms of business, through partnership, the companies can benefit from each other because they have experienced. With that said, they can look through all the wasted water and find out where the problems lay. As a result, they can prevent any more waste of water. The wasting of water is where the financial problems arise.


Since they can figure out many problems that the waste of water and the needs of people are, they are able to calculate for further water use. In addition, having clear goals in each partnership can result in better services for the public agencies. The governors still review the changes to check which areas would be fulfilled.


Felipe Montoro Jens is on the Board of Directors. He graduated from Getulio Vargas Foundation and received his degree from the Thunderbird School of Global Management. He is responsible for investments.


Also, he has served on the board at Braskem SA. Overall, he has networked with many other board members for water sanitation. As a result, water is a very important resource along with fire, food, and shelter, so Mr. Jens job is important for the needs of people. Healthy water for all!

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