Outdoor Enthusiast Mary Anderson Dies At 107

Mary Anderson was known for her love of outdoors. She died on March 27, 2017 at the age of 107. She co-founded a company called REI in 1938 along with her husband, Lloyd. This company sold equipment that helped people enjoy hiking and climbing. REI released a statement saying that Mary’s legacy will live on. They wanted to make it easier for people to get outdoors.


Mary Anderson was born in Yakima Valley. She grew up in a family that enjoyed hiking. Mary worked as a teacher and incorporated her love for nature in the classroom. She taught for over 30 years. Dennis Madsen is the former CEO and president of REI. He stated that the first time he met Mary was in 1966. He just got out of high school and worked at the REI in Capitol Hill. Dennis stated that Mary and her husband ran their company as a team.


Mary was not only a hard-working woman, but she was also known for her sense of humor. Mary retired from REI in 1968. Because of Mary and Lloyd’s hard work, REI is a very successful business. Today, it has 6.3 million active members. It also has 140 retail stores. Additionally, the company brought in $2.56 billion in revenue.


Ms Anderson celebrated her 100th birthday in 2009 at the REI headquarters. Dennis attended the celebration. He stated that Mary was as vibrant as ever at her birthday celebration. Mary is survived by her daughter named Sue and two grandsons. Her husband, Lloyd, died back in 2000. She also has another daughter named Ruth who preceded her in death.


Funeral details have not yet been released. People who want to make a donation can send it to the REI Foundation headquarters. The address is 6750 S. 228th St., Kent, WA 98032. The donations will go towards the Mary Anderson Legacy Grant. This is a grant that helps people learn more about the outdoors.

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