Outdoor Living Comes to the Real Estate Market

With so much time spent inside of an automobile or office, it is only natural for individuals to crave airiness. Developers are responding to requests for more spacious living by creating homes that celebrate outdoor living.


Moving the patio to the roof of a condominium is becoming more of a trend as prospective homeowners are searching for serenity in the clear blue skies after a long day of work. New developments do not offer an abundance of yard space due to efforts to accommodate for longer life expectancy rates that lead to overpopulation in some areas. Additional space on the roof provides privacy and a fresh perspective of the outdoors.


“People have an innate desire to experience nature and enjoy accessing it from inside their home,” Britnie Turner Keane, founder and CEO of Aerial Development Group, says. “On every lot, we spotlight the unique views and outdoor accesses, utilizing features such as glass garage doors, screened-in porches and rooftop decks to promote this experience.”


The sweeping trend of outdoor living spaces is no surprise as the movement comes with many benefits apart from serenity. Outdoor spaces are considered extended portions of the living quarters, which means that homeowners can charge more money when selling their property. It is one thing to have a house that bolsters a beautiful view. It is quite another incentive for such home to provide an oceanfront view that is seen from the patio.


Outdoor living spaces take ordinary homes to the exceptional level of things, which is why buyers can count on seeing more of this dynamic in the real estate market.


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