Outdoor Living Trends of 2017

Americans have spent more than $6 billion in 2017, and a large chunk of the money has been spent on improving their outdoor living areas. Neighborhood developers and builders have started listening to homeowners’ requests for opportunities to spruce up their outdoor living spaces. Homeowners want to entertain, cook and eat, share hobbies, relax, and exercise in their outdoor spaces. They also want to be able to do all this with the same level of comfort, elegance, and convenience that they would experience when doing it inside their homes.

Rooms with Great Views

The most prominent trend when it comes to outdoor living has been the creating of outdoor rooms. Many exterior spaces are today being designed as home interior extensions. This means that they offer similar design aesthetics, comfort, and functionality, as the rooms inside the residence. The explosion of weather resistant materials in the past decade has meant that a homeowner can now cook, relax, entertain, and dine outdoors.

The Cook’s Delight

As is the case with the home interior, outdoor kitchens have become an important part of the home backyard. Homeowners have staggering options when it comes to outfitting the outdoor kitchens. Outdoor kitchens have become impeccable, in the sense that they come with all manners of fittings, from weather resistant cabinets such as laminate to counters made of marble or concrete.

Community gardens have also become a growing trend in neighborhoods with new homes. Homeowners are using them to cultivate everything from herbs to vegetables. They have also become a great way of developing friendships with the neighbors.

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