Overcoming Challenges the Kabbalah Way

Challenges are a part of life. They are there to make us stronger. The horrific challenges we face will ultimately lead us to become better versions of the people we are.

“God will be there to help us, but he expects us to do the work”.

This is a spiritual principle that many seem to forget. You will be reminded of this principle and more once you start studying at the Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles.

To get you started I have outlined a few more concepts that center teaches. These will help you in deciding if the center is the right spiritual path for you.

1) Resisting the reactive behavior will create more light. Reactive behavior may serve in the short-term, but it will create more darkness in your life later on.

2) The greater the challenge, the more potential you will have to shine your light. To think as a victim is to think in a limited way. There is not much room for light then.

3) The negativity you see in others is a reflection of your own negativity. This is one of the hardest concepts for students to grasp and accept.

4) Never blame anyone for your problems. Do not blame external factors or situations for your problems. You are there for a reason. They are your problems. You are the only one who can fix them.

Teacher Yehuda Berg explains this more in his book The Power of Kabbalah. I used to have a copy. It is a good read. I do not agree with everything the book has to say, but it does offer some good learning tools for everyday life. You can find it at the Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles.

All we need is love. The rest is just commentary.

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