Up-Close With Imran Haque and Why He is a Force to Reckon with in the Medical Industry

Imran Haque is widely considered to be an astute medical practitioner offering high-quality medical services with a keen emphasis in internal medicine. Apart from being a competent and licensed medical physician, the good doctor possesses an impressive academic resume that includes a medical degree from Universidad Iberoamericana as well as an M.D from the University of Virginia. With experience spanning over a decade, the highly acclaimed medical professional has proven to be an invaluable asset in the medical industry with extensive expertise and experience in diagnosing a range of illnesses. A recent interview with the North Carolina-based practitioner helped lift the lid on his professional career.

Onset of Business Idea

As an upcoming doctor at a local hospital, Haque credits recognizing a unique opportunity to offer extensive services by meeting local needs of the community which had been neglected for a while. After receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from satisfied patients, the good doctor felt inspired having pursued this opportunity.

How Ideas are Brought To Life

According to the medical guru, any decent idea requires precise diligence, hard work, adequate research and financial resources. More importantly, researchers must exercise patience and organizational skills to ensure the success of any business idea. As an integral element, forging symbiotic relationships and networking can go a long way in building a professional’s career.

Habits That Promote Productivity as an Entrepreneur

Multi-tasking has proven to be an essential success ingredient in the entrepreneur’s life. Just like breathing, multi-tasking has allowed him to perform exceptionally beyond his wildest thoughts and progressively molded his perspective as a productive entrepreneur.

An Essential Strategy That Is Crucial To Building Your Business

Treating others with as much respect as you would have wanted is critical in forging a formidable business. Such a conventional rule has positively impacted interpersonal relationships and building symbiotic connections.

Mr. Haque

As a force to reckon with in the medical industry, Mr. Haque undeniably possesses a keen business acumen and insightful leadership skills that have catapulted his status as a prominent professional. The University of Virginia alumnus has become synonymous with synonymous with offering diabetes treatment, laser hair removal, Venus body contouring, weight management and 360 resurfacing.

Unlike other experts, the good doctor has cemented a reputation based on his ability to keenly tend to a patient’s needs while also recommending the best treatment available.

Cassio Audi’s Journey From Music To Finance

What began as metal music vastly transitioned a preferred genre of rock music in the 1960s. Coupled with an iconic combination of metal music, hard rock and tempo became the major rhythms in America and the United Kingdom. In addition, there was machismo and acidic rock. However, as time elapsed, there was a quick transition of these genres into heavy metal music. Brazil became the hot-bed of some of the world’s iconic brands. In it, was the prominent Cassio Audi, a member of the Viper Rock band.

Viper Rock Band

Interestingly, even as the music industry evolved, none of the bands beat Viper. Cassio Audi was in charge of drumming. He was one talented instrumentalist who ,put in a lot of work ,to develop a music career. It is factual that as a drummer, he inspired an unprecedented sound that featured thick, loud, emphatic sounds. As a drummer, he also introduced an unpredictable, disruptive tune that most Brazilians fell in love with.

Cassio’s role as a drummer

Cassio Audi played a key role in introducing foreign, preferred tunes to his people. He was loved for that. He was also adored because he took time to interact with the people at a personal level. These are some of the characteristics that set him apart as a musician in Brazil. His early music career also depicts the value of cultivating patience in career growth.

Cassio delves into career development

Cassio closely worked with Felipe Machad and Andre Matos. He was the lead drummer and facilitator of the group. Knowing how vital his role to the group was, he put more work to its growth, through drumming. Most people admired his work and effort. After producing a couple of albums, Cassio retired. He ventured into the business, career, and investment world. At that juncture, he developed the passion to elevate his people by offering financial services to clients.

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Planning Out the Perfect Outdoor Camping Trip

When you want to go camping, it’s crucial that you do enough research and planning to encourage a good trip. This ensures that you and your friends or relatives are sure to have a wonderful time. The best thing to do is to plan months in advance to the trip so that you can be sure it is going the way that you want. This is a way for you to guarantee that it is something that is going to help a lot.

There are lots of things you need to consider if you are going to be camping out. The most important thing to remember is that you need a good location. If the location is off, you aren’t going to have a good time and this can be a real issue. This is why you need to find a good location you can go to if this is something you want to be able to enjoy for yourself. Make sure that you look at a variety of different options and know that this is something that is going to benefit you a lot.

The most important thing about camping is also bringing all of the right supplies with you. This ensures that you have a great time and know that what you’re doing is sure to be memorable and fun for the whole family. There are lots of people out there who are more than willing to help you out with the type of trip that you want to take for yourself. This is why it is a good idea for you to make use of this as an option and know that you are going to be taking a trip and having lots of fun while you happen to be there with your loved ones right by your side.

Outdoor Living Trends of 2017

Americans have spent more than $6 billion in 2017, and a large chunk of the money has been spent on improving their outdoor living areas. Neighborhood developers and builders have started listening to homeowners’ requests for opportunities to spruce up their outdoor living spaces. Homeowners want to entertain, cook and eat, share hobbies, relax, and exercise in their outdoor spaces. They also want to be able to do all this with the same level of comfort, elegance, and convenience that they would experience when doing it inside their homes.

Rooms with Great Views

The most prominent trend when it comes to outdoor living has been the creating of outdoor rooms. Many exterior spaces are today being designed as home interior extensions. This means that they offer similar design aesthetics, comfort, and functionality, as the rooms inside the residence. The explosion of weather resistant materials in the past decade has meant that a homeowner can now cook, relax, entertain, and dine outdoors.

The Cook’s Delight

As is the case with the home interior, outdoor kitchens have become an important part of the home backyard. Homeowners have staggering options when it comes to outfitting the outdoor kitchens. Outdoor kitchens have become impeccable, in the sense that they come with all manners of fittings, from weather resistant cabinets such as laminate to counters made of marble or concrete.

Community gardens have also become a growing trend in neighborhoods with new homes. Homeowners are using them to cultivate everything from herbs to vegetables. They have also become a great way of developing friendships with the neighbors.

Greg Secker Gives Insights on Forex Trading

Greg Secker is popularly known for his forex trading expertise and philanthropy work. His latest project is the establishment of Greg Secker foundation. Greg’s drive to improve people’s lives through impacting people lives and education is effected through this foundation. For example, he developed the “build a home, restore a community” project after a typhoon hit the Philippines. The foundation is financing the project, which seeks to build 100 homes in efforts to rebuild the community so that it can survive the next hurricane. The project is set to be done by the fall season.

Greg Secker studied at the University of Nottingham where he graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science. He started his financial career at the Thomas Cook Financial service before venturing into forex exchange business. Greg Secker runs a trading company known as Virtual trading desk, which operates uniquely. Besides, it operates online and provides real-time figures and facts. Greg then became the Mellon Financial corporation vice president. He later started his company following a significant growth of his trading account.

About Learn to Trade Company

The company, Learn to Trade, performed exemplary well; hence, expanding its operation to London, South Africa, Australia and the Philippines. Learn to Trade has helped more than 200000 people through workshops and seminars. The company has received several awards such as the best educator award from the wealth and finance magazines. Learn to Trade was also awarded the best trading education product and best forex trader training in UK awards from wealth and finance magazine.

According to Greg Secker, the right mindset is the best thing to have without which, trading software and extensive knowledge will all be useless. He runs several companies including Capital index, Smart chart software, Greg Secker foundation, and Learn to Trade. All these companies are encompassed under the Knowledge to Action group. Greg Secker is a successful businessman and philanthropist such that he has been appointed as a board member of the Ambassadors of City Philanthropy. Greg Secker has also made it to the 200 most influential Philanthropist and social entrepreneurs.

How to Plan for the Perfect Camping Trip

Going on a camping trip is a lot of fun and allows you to spend time with the ones you love. This is why it is imperative that you make the decision to plan out the perfect camping trip. The reason it is such a good idea for you to plan out the trip is because you’ll know that everything is going to go well while you’re out. There are tons of things to keep in mind when planning out your next trip.

For one, you need to know where you’re going to be going. This means that you are going to want to make the choice to either go alone or to rent a camping spot in a park. There are lots of ideas for you to make use of, so make sure that you know exactly what you need and want to get out in an area that’s right for you. You also do not have to spend a lot of money to get a good camping trip going, as it can be incredibly inexpensive for you and your loved ones.

There are lots of people out there who are more than willing to help you with your camping trip, so make sure that you know exactly what it is that you need and do your best to plan it accordingly well in advance. In fact, you’re going to want to think about planning out the trip months in advance to actually going, as this is something that is going to help you feel confident in the decision you’ve made. There are lots of people out there planning out their camping trips, and this might be exactly what you need to spend some quality time with your family and have a wonderful experience in the great outdoors when you want.

Nick Vertucci’s Journey Through Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry is gaining momentum and popularity day in day out. It helps to know your way around to ensure you make the right decisions when it comes to buying and selling of property. Most importantly, it is very essential since you have to ensure your clients have the most updated and accurate information. At the fore-front in this real estate training is Nick Vertucci.

Nick Vertucci is the Chief Executive Officer of the Nick Vertucci Companies, Inc, and also its founder. Coming from a very humble background, Nick struggled his way up especially after his dad passed-on while Nick was only 10 years old. He started with a small business dealing with selling of computer accessories but this did not last long after year 2000 dot com bubble.

Soon he found himself deep into debts and liquidity problems set in. It was during this time that he joined a real estate academy to get some insight on how to turn around his business and financial crisis.

In 2004, Nick Vertucci decided to join Real estate Training Industry and opted to pursue his career as an investor in real estate. This was an eye opener that would later open doors to many other great opportunities. The training invitation was only for 3 days. By this time, his tech businesses was completely under; he needed a shift in career and it worked!

In 2014, Nick started his own Academy to give back to the society, NV Real Estate Academy.The academy was a game-changer both to Nick as a person and also to the real estate industry. Majorly, Mr. Vertucci intended to pass through the applicable techniques and strategies of Real estate to the interested members of the society.

During this time, the real estate business had completely changed Nick’s life from tech businessman struggling to make ends meet to a financially sound real estate investor. He would purchase foreclosures, do some rehabilitation to hike their quality and value, sell and manage them. He also set up the “The Real Estate Investing Hour,” his show on Radio that he uses as a marketing tool.

The Glorious Mighty Fortress Church

Cathedrals and churches of plenty, almost too much to count make a home in the state of Minnesota. They come in so many unique shapes and sizes, ranging from the mesmerizing and ancient to the simple and quiet. Each and every one of them as its own story and history to tell. There is a fair few among the many that are truly remarkable.

One that would take some breath away is the Lakewood Memorial Chapel in Minneapolis. Built in 1910, Lakewood Memorial Chapel has the architecture to honor the cemetery that it closely neighbors. It is known the be the most historic churches. Another amazing church to visit is the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in New Ulm. Designed in the classic Baroque style architecture, stands tall with grace and beauty. Her interior seriously matches her exterior just perfectly. Another beauty is the quaint and lovely Episcopal Church of Our Savior in Little Falls. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on Facebook.

There is one in particular that is exceptionally amazing. That is the Mighty Fortress church in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. The one thing that makes this church unique is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world in a safe and loving way, in order to attract others to Him. Mighty Fortress church is always working hard to provide the right atmosphere for their church goers. It is enjoyable, encouraging and love is right through those doors. People are able to come as they are, just the way God would welcome them, with open arms. It is always welcome. There is no fear and no worry. View the interactive map at minneapolisnorthwest.com.

Bishop Thomas Williams is an active minister inside Mighty Fortress Church for more than 30 years and continuing his ministry as of now. He is Mighty Fortress Church’s senior pastor and founder to boot and he uses his profound gifts to bring God into people’s lives. Graduating from Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa in Oklahoma, Thomas brought his work to Minnesota with a Master of Arts degree and he continues his Ministry, good and strong. Because of him, this church is kept alive, the more people who come in.

Visit: http://mightyfortress.net/1st-lady-williams

Why You Need To Try Lifeline Screening

Lifeline screening is pain-free and non-aggressive. It only takes a few drops of blood to carry out the tests.

When it comes to preparation, there is very little that patients need to do. Some screenings require patients to fast for several hours, while others only need you to wear short sleeves or loose clothes.

The level of preparation depends on the type of screening that you are undergoing. For example, for a carotid artery condition screening, you are advised to wear a short-sleeved shirt that is open at the collar. Shirts with turtlenecks are not advised.

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What to Expect

Once you are sure about how to prepare and what to wear for a life line screening, you should expect the following:

Welcome desk – Here, you will be provided with a check-in form to fill and make payments for your lifeline screening, if required.

Waiting area- Use this time to complete and hand over your paperwork. A technician will notify you when to see the doctor.

Screening area- Once your name is called, the technician will show you the lifeline screening room.

Blood testing – Few drops of blood is taken from your ring or middle finger using a simple finger-stick, and used to carry out the required tests.

Measurements – Weight, height and overall body measurements may be taken.
Bone density screening – For this test, you will be requested to take off your shoes and sock. An ultrasound machine will be placed at your foot for about five minutes. This test is only applicable to selected lifeline screening options.

PAD life line screening – Involves placement of pressure cuffs around your ankles and upper arms.
Atrial fibrillation lifeline screening – This procedure involves placement of electrodes stickers on your wrists, collarbones or ankles.

Carotid artery life line screening – You will be asked to lie on your back, and then a gel will be applied to your neck and images will be taken to assess your blood flow rate.

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm life line screening – You will be asked to lie on your back, and then a gel will be applied to your abdomen and images will be taken to check for the enlargement of your abdominal aorta.

Thank you – You lifeline screening process is complete, but before you leave, you will be handed with your blood tests results, if necessary. You will get the remaining results via email within two weeks or 15 days. You talk to your doctor about your results.

Lifeline Screening Benefits

Cardiovascular illness, aortic aneurysms, stroke and several other health conditions do not manifest their symptoms right away. As much as you are scheduled for checkups, lifeline screening is more accurate and allows you to discover these problems early before they become severe. The procedure can see inside your arteries, and help prevent sudden stroke and other cardiovascular conditions.

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Rick Smith: The New Face Of Correctional Facilities

In almost all organizations, success is pegged on the performance, excellence, and creativity of the CEO. Secures Technologies is no exception as the firm has achieved remarkable milestones since 2008 when Rick Smith was appointed to head the company. On his appointment by Securus Technologies’ chairman Richard Falcone, Rick Smith was mandated with steering the company into becoming the next generation service provider. Just as expected, seven years later, Rick has steered the company to unimaginable heights. Today, Securus Technologies has become the pacesetter in the Inmate communication industry.

What Makes Rick Smith Successful?

A detailed look at Securus Technologies shows that the company has transformed significantly. These outstanding transformations have been attributed to Smith’s excellence and experience. His impressive track record and skill sets make him one of the most celebrated corporate executives. Rick Smith holds an undergraduate bachelor degree in engineering from the State University of New York and a master’s degree in engineering from the same college. His interest and passion for management pushed him to join the University of Rochester and pursue an MBA. The award-winning CEO also holds an associate’s degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Rick’s excellence in leadership and management didn’t happen overnight. The hardworking engineer began his career in 1972 when he worked for Global Crossing North America Inc. During his 26 years tenure at this firm, Smith gained unparalleled skills in management, leadership and information technology. At this firm, he rose up the organizational hierarchy to hold several managerial positions including chief information officer, plant operation director, information technologies president, director of business development, vice president in charge of finance and controller.

After 26 years at the Global Crossing North America Inc., Smith joined Eschelon Telecom Inc. At Eschelon, he served as the chief financial officer before he was promoted to serve as the president and later the chief operating officer. It was during his tenure at this firm when smith’s magic touch was noticed as he raised the firm’s revenue from $3o million to $350 million. At the same time, he successfully led the company into IPO. With this achievement under his belt, there was no doubt that Mr. Smith was the best bet for Securus technologies.

Achievements as the CEO of Securus

At the time of his appointment, Securus was struggling in the competitive inmate service delivery industry. Under his reign, Securus has significantly grown to hold the lion share in the inmate service delivery segment. Between 2013 and 2016, Securus Technologies invested $600 million in acquisitions, patents and technologies. This massive investment shows that the firm is still focused on achieving its mission of ensuring a better and safer incarceration experience. Today, over 1.2 million and more than 3,450 correctional facilities and inmates rely on Securus for service delivery.