Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa Gives Advice On What To Do In Panama

What do you do when visiting Panama City, one of the most awe inspiring and unique places to visit out there? It is truly known as a city of many marvelous wonders, after all…Where to go, what to do, how to choose—-it is all up to you!

Among many numerous blessings, Panama holds a wonderful and wealthy spot for any one doing business and not just the every day tourism attraction. It holds a place for the wealthy and the not so wealthy alike. Included are, of course, entrepreneurs and public or private business owners. One such name is that of Mr. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa, who apparently owns five different businesses in Panama.

Mr. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa’s first big break into the area was back in 2011. He has not stopped since. He is both a successful and a never tiring, faithfully persistent entrepreneur in the area.

According to an online source, I quote: “Recently, the modern world has caught up with the city creating significant changes. It is filled glass skyscrapers synonymous with those in Dubai. These buildings are a sight to behold. Business is brisk in the city, giving it a new life from the previously neglected state.” (pg. 1) What an interesting statement this is to make and to hear alike! It truly attracts any eyes, new or old…..tourist or resident.

The Tocumen International Airport, of course, is one of the best and largest places in the city of Panama according to Figueroa. It is worth checking out in person, and I highly encourage any one to do so in their spare time. I say ‘spare time’ because there is a lot of ground to cover there; you may get lost, but as a guarantee you will not be bored.

The Tocumen International Airport is full of taxi services and you may even find Uber service there for Figueroa. It is not to miss. See how the world is modernized and globally connected now? It is truly a beautiful thing at times…..

The Camino de Cruces, translated Cross Path, is another great sight to behold and be a part of! It is a trail spanning over five hundred years of human history and existence, along which path one may see and note many beautiful & rare species of birds and wild life. All in all, when it comes to this great city….you need not worry or be perplexed. There are many options.


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