Perfecting the insurance world through USHEALTH Group


Ushealth Group is a family of companies that offers a wide variety of services in the insurance field. The company offers insurance services to both family and organizations. There are certain policies under which the company operates which have proved to give them the highest ratings from their customers. Being one of the best companies offering insurance services, Ushealth Group has developed a customer base that is supported by the quality of the services which they offer.

The operations of the Ushealth Inc.

As a major company in the United States, Ushealth does not operate on a direct basis with the clients. The company has a group of agents that help with the sales and the explanation of the required services. Since most of the clients have a very tight schedule, the agents have created a team that is used to communicate with the clients based on their terms of agreements. Currently, the corporation has increased its customer base which makes it impossible for the agents to work on their own. To reach all the clients and even to increase their numbers, the agents have teams that work under them. Each agent has a specific area of operation, and this enables them to reach the maximum number of people within their locality.

Ushealth Group Location and number of employees

Currently, the company has its headquarters at 3100 Burnet Plaza. The plaza is located in the 801 Cherry Street Unit 33. The street is in Fort Worth in the United States. Having been founded in 1982, the company has developed over time. There has been an inclusion of different services in the company for the last three decades that it has been in operations. Currently, the company has a total of 213 employees. This number of employees does not include the teams which work under the designated agents. Initially, the company was known as Ascent Assurance, and it operated under this name for more than 20 years. It was in 2005 that the company name was changed from Ascent Assurance to Ushealth Group.

The missions of operations

Ushealth is one of the few organizations that have the welfare of the people in their missions. There have not been any complaints about their services since they started operating. Currently, the company offers services which directly affect the people. Health insurance is one of the important aspects of human life. According to the company, most clients find themselves in situations which they cannot help. It is for such clients that the company is dedicated to its services. Since Ushealth offers different insurance services, differentiating their operations has been one of the most effective decisions. The insurance policies are different based on the presented cases.

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