Personalizing Skincare with Shea Butter

In the modern world, everybody knows that skin is unique. Your skin is heavily influenced by dozens upon dozens of factors, which means that your skincare must be individualized for your specific needs. While Shea butter has become a popular component in many skincare routines, there is still a need for some scrutiny in the different varieties of Shea butter.

The Difference

Despite popular belief, not all Shea butter is created equal. While Shea butter is popular as a natural moisturizer, there are plenty of sellers that add artificial ingredients to their Shea butter that take out many of Shea butter’s natural benefits. This is why it is important that you, as a customer, have a discerning eye.

Carefully look at the ingredients of the Shea butter before making a purchase. It is okay if has additives, as not everyone needs or wants the intense moisture of pure Shea butter, but look closely at what has been added. A good rule of thumb is not to trust anything that you cannot pronounce. Shea butter is supposed to be a natural solution, so do not waste your money on an artificial alternative.

Eugenia Shea has become a standout in the world of Shea butter, largely because they understand the importance of catering products to individual needs. That is why they offer several different kinds of Shea butter, each suited for a special purpose. While not all of their Shea butters are pure Shea, the additives are completely natural and let the Shea butter remain gentle on the skin.

As a significant bonus, Eugenia Shea was founded by a woman in Ghana with ethical trade practices. While everyone wants to have smooth, natural-feeling skin, there is little value in a skincare product that is built upon the backs of workers. Thankfully, Eugenia Shea is the perfect way to have your cake and eat it too.

Think Smart

As a consumer, you must keep your wits about you. Carefully consider how different brands of Shea will work on your skin, and you will find yourself with the right Shea butter in no time.

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