Plumes of Depression

Clinical depression is a mental health issue that is often hard to address. A lot of people mistakenly label depression, thinking of it as an ephemeral emotion that is normal for everyone. While it is certainly healthy for people to experience fluctuations in mood, depression revolves around a consistent and distinctively low level of positive energy that can adversely affect a person’s lifestyle and ability to cope with everyday activities.

Depression also tends to interlace with other mental health ailments, such as anxiety and eating disorders. Combating depression is never simple, but if one is consistent, there are ways to build an individual’s resistance toward depression and its aftershocks.

Exercise is among the best ways to fight depression because it provides both instant gratification and long term results. Many people have heard of a “runner’s high”, but one can experience an endorphin boost from a variety of physical activities, especially when done outdoors.

There is certainly merit to working out indoors, but some studies suggest that exercising outside can actually result in a more acute alleviation of depression.

Depressed people tend to cloister themselves away within their homes and bedrooms, sealed off from the outside world. Depression can make going outside an effort in and of itself, but the change of scenery and atmosphere can shake the foundation of your mood and alleviate some negative energy.

If you suffer from social anxiety and depression, consider going for walks in the late evening or early morning, when people are scarce and the presence of nature is more vivid. You may be surprised to find the natural world easing your tensions.

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