Private-Public Partnerships Boosts Brazilian Business Says Felipe Montoro Jens

As an Infrastructure Projects’ expert, Felipe Montoro Jens participates in many occasions advocating for transformation in his designated sector. Recently, Felipe participated in an event addressing various aspects including public lighting, Public Market, and sanitation programs among others. The s of the conference was to foster the interaction of the private and public sector through Private-Public Partnerships. In Felipe Montoro Jens opinion, the Partnership Program Management Council is responsible for the definition of the conditions for the collaboration to produce significant outputs. Additionally, the bidding procedures between the two sectors are relevant in the making of decisions necessary for development. Mayor Nelson postulates that the partnership is meant to offer quality public services to its citizens.

Recently, Felipe Montoro Jens focused on the significance of concessions in the sanitation segment. Felipe stated that the decrease in waste products level was an important aspect raised by the general public. According to t statistics carried out by Edison, 90% of primary sanitation sedentary services in Brazil was carried out by the public. On the other hand, 70% was facilitated by executives in the state. As such, the introduction of PPPs is essential when the entities work in a complementary manner boosting the sector’s outcomes. Edison provided that the private sector has numerous resources that can be donated to the public body to enhance the environment as well as sanitation.

Besides championing for Private-Public Partnership elements, Felipe Montoro Jens is operational in other organizations including the Foz do Brasil as well as San Antonia Energia SA. His exclusiveness is attributed to his educational background. Felipe Montoro Jens attended the Getulio Vargas Foundation where he was presented with his undergraduate degree. Later, Montoro Jens joined the Global Management Institution at the Thunderbird where he earned his graduate degree. Also, Felipe’s exposure at PricewaterhouseCoopers boosted his expertise in his profession.

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