Puzzling Criminal Activities in South Brunswick


A pizza delivery man was attacked in an armed robbery in South Brunswick New Jersey in 2012. The assailant went by the name of “P Gun”, and was regarded as the leader involved in the incidence. Parysh Wood ( his real name) was said to have attacked a pizza delivery man on November, 2012 on Quincy Circle, a residential area in the N building of a complex. The delivery man was confronted with three men who claimed that they had ordered the pizza and demanded money from the victim at gunpoint.


Eyewitnesses said that the three gunmen stole money and the pizza from the delivery man and ran away in a minivan. According to cell phone site information, investigations later revealed that Wood was among the robbers. He was charged and is currently held in the Middlesex County Center on a bail of $ 100,000. The police said that violent crime was low in the area and that any robbery incidences are thoroughly pursued by security agencies with the use of digital technology. The investigations took about four months to accomplish. However, additional arrests were expected.


In October 7, 2015, another shooting incident occurred in the same county. In this incident, one person was seriously injured at the New Brunswick Apartments. The area is known to be a crime hotspot where at least four shots were heard in this particular incident. It is said that a man walked into the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital with a gunshot wound that was suspected to be from the 33 commercial Avenue shooting incident. The shooting was said to have occurred in the close proximity of building number 1 of the garden apartment complex.


According to the police, it was reported that the suspect, who was armed, was wearing a hoodie and that he fled in the direction of the Neilsen Street. On investigations, the police found more bullet casings near the complex building. The identity of the injured man in hospital was held by the police pending investigations into the case. It remained unclear what transpired on this day and the police gave no clues. The incidence was a puzzling case given that no witnesses ever came forward to testify on what really happened on this day.

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