REI Takes the Lead in Promoting Women’s Place in Outdoor World

While REI has traditionally done well in the market, focusing on people looking for active wear and outdoor gear, it turns out that they’re not only concerned about their bottom line. REI is getting set to launch Force of Nature, a project which is intended to change the way the industry views and treats female employees and customers.


In the upcoming year, the company will embark on a three-prong effort. First, they’ll feature more women in adventertising and marketing materials. Second, they’ll be prepared to spend $1 million on supporting nonprofits that promote women’s involvement in the outdoors. And third, they’ll add more technical gear and clothing specifically targeted toward women to their stores.


The outdoor industry has been traditionally dominated by males, but hopefully that will change thanks in part to campaigns like REI’s. To help them achieve their goals, REI will hold over a thousand events designed to encourage women to venture outside and participate in new activities.


Women generally feel that being outdoors is an important aspect of overall health, but many have shared that they can’t name one outdoor female role model. When men’s roles in outdoor activities takes such a more prominent role than women’s roles, the disparity can be a bit discouraging to some. Hopefully after women see themselves depicted in advertisements and recognize that certain types of equipment and apparel are being marketed directly towards them, they’ll feel more motivated to take up a new, health hobby.


This isn’t the first time that REI has taken up a social cause. In 2015, the company closed the doors on all of its stores on Black Friday while still paying employees for that day. This made a big impact in how the employees thought of themselves in relation to the company management, and it helped REI attract many more customers. In 2016, they continued to stay closed on Black Friday, and they will likely keep up that effort in the future because of the positive reaction by customers.


With this Forces of Nature campaign, REI may be able to widen its reach even further.


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