Rugged Camping: Is It Worth It?

Sure, you can take your camping supplies and visit your local campground that’s specifically designated to help you have a relaxed experience away from home, but true campers argue that this isn’t real camping. Rugged camping refers to getting out into the wilderness and setting up camp where provisions are nowhere near to your location. You won’t have access to water pipes, portable toilets or already-built fire pits. You will be totally and helplessly on your own with just your camping bag to keep you going.


Rugged camping is always worth the trip because it teaches you valuable survival techniques that you wouldn’t experience in a campground. When primitive camping, you’ll need additional supplies that you might not think about, such as a gas-powered portable stove, knives, building tools for tent repair and thermal-lined clothing. Having a foreknowledge of how to properly camp outdoors helps as you’ll be on your own for possibly days at a time. The worst thing you can do is go into the woods unprepared, unable to find your way back out because you don’t have the necessary navigation system.


When wilderness camping, you need to find a spot that is safe and legal for you to stay. Camping on private property is a surefire way for you to either get hurt or arrested. While you don’t need to be stuck in a designated camping zone, you at least need to know that you’re not camping on someone’s property. Have an available emergency phone with good service for your trip in case you need help quickly. Creating a checklist of important tools and necessities you’ll need will prevent you from forgetting anything once you settle in. You might have to spend more on higher-quality camping supplies, but it’ll be worth it when using these items over and over.


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