Sahm Adrangi gets another Feather in his Cap with $100 Million Raising for Single Stock Bet

It is a known fact that the capital market managers, who are making active investment strategies, look for quality investments beyond their comfort zone. Such people often quoted making records in investments with better returns than normal managers. Sahm Adrangi is such an active investment manager who never thinks for any market protocol or set procedures but only look for quality investment opportunities. He is the visionary Chief Investment Officer and founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management, a hedge fund management firm that focuses on capital markets. In mid-2016, Adrangi raised nearly $100 million from various investors for a single stock trade. While large hedge fund managers raise massive amounts, it was something new for the market to see the same from a relatively small firm.

He wrote to the investors that the firm raised some significant amount in a quick span of time. Additionally, Adrangi hinted that the hedge fund firm was going to bet on a company that worth almost $10 billion and asked everyone to respect the insights of the firm about the investment. It is further revealed that the firm was working on reports, videos and more to convince the conclusion of the Kerrisdale management, though he did not point out the targeted company. The firm also confirmed in the letter that it had started aggressively acquiring the stocks of the unnamed company to establish the position. It should be noted that Kerrisdale, under the leadership of Adrangi, manages stocks and funds worth $500 million. The main hedge fund of the firm supplied an average return of 28% per annum during the last five years.

Adrangi was involved in the overall development and market expansion of Kerrisdale Capital Management since it was founded in the year 2009. It should be noted that when the firm was founding it was just handling funds under the value of $1 million.

Sahm worked with multiple banks and investment institutions such as Deutsche Bank, Chanin Capital Partners, and Longacre Fund Management, and he carries more than a decade of investment and financial experience. He secured his graduation from Yale University in Economics before starting his high-flying financial career.

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