Sanjay Shah And His Rise To Success recently did an article about Sanjay Shah. Sanjay Shah is a philanthropist and a very well-known businessman. Sanjay Shah is the founder of Solo Capital and Autism Rocks. He is an individual that also encourages other interpreters to start their own businesses. Sanjay Shah gives individuals business advice and he is a motivational speaker as well. Solo Capital was founded after Sanjay Shah had to suffer through the financial crisis of 2009. He found himself without a job, and that is the reason why he decided to make his own investment firm.


Sanjay Shah is an individual that first wanted to be a doctor, but later he realized that his passion was for numbers. Sanjay Shah started working in many high-ranking banks until he ended up starting his own business. Solo Capital is a company that deals with consulting, property trading and professional sports investments. Solo Capital has a cash flow of over €30 million each year, and they have their headquarters located in London.


In their article about Sanjay Shah, Pharmiweb mentioned that Sanjay Shah started up Autism Rocks which is a fund that was made to raise awareness for the disorder of autism. Sanjay Shah first got involved with Autism rocks after he decided that he wanted to do more for his son that was diagnosed with Autism. Sanjay Shah has a passion for his family and for music, and he was able to combine those passions together to form Autism Rocks.


Autism Rocks holds many live concerts and charity events to raise donations and awareness for autism. Sanjay Shah invited an array of famous singers to give concerts, and with the proceeds for the concerts they are able to do more research and investigation about autism. This year Autism Rocks will host a series of festivals for the entire family, and they will also have performances by Tyga and Flo Rida.


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    I feel the passion in the work with the Autism Rocks campaign and more people should have the awareness as well as support. Though best essay review can help to provide more awareness in the field and the work done, Sanjay have the right to have the more support that is needed. Also the many host of festivals can help in making the research well funded in the future.

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