Shaune Miller Dives to Finish Line Scooping Gold for Her Country

The on-going 2016 Rio Olympics has been filled with tremendous energy and passion as various contestants stretch to their limits to bag the gold, silver and bronze medals for their respective countries. Shaune Miller who hails from the Bahamas surprised the global audience in the 400 meters heated race which saw her dive to the finish line to finish first place in front of the American competitive runner Allyson Felix. The enthusiastic athlete, Shaune Miller, performed extraordinarily and said that she could not let anything deter her from taking home the much-coveted 400-meter gold medal and the title of champion in this event.

The dive got Shaune to clock in 49.44 seconds, which was a slender lead of microseconds in front of the 49.51 seconds recorded by the runners-up Allyson Felix earlier today. The act may have raised a few eyebrows, however, her act was declared legal by the people presiding over the event. It was a very emotional moment for Shaune, and she wasn’t worried about the few bruises that might have been sustained from the dive. As she neared the finish line in a close call between her and Allyson, she felt the fear of losing creep in her and her legs growing weak, she says. That made her dive, snatching away the lead in the most dramatic way ever.

Shaune in her feed also expressed her deep appreciation to God for having let her win the gold medal for her country Bahamas. The feeling was overwhelming and placing her country’s name in the Olympics books of the gold medalists was very satisfying. The racers in this competition displayed their desire to win, but Shaune proved to have wanted it more.

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