SKOUT app helps people find people online

According to a survey conducted by SKOUT, an online app that helps people connect with people, found that three out of four people have an online friend they have not met in real life, and they would like to meet them someday. SKOUT released its findings in conjunction with the observance of International Online Friendship Day early in February, according to an article on Newswire.

The day was set aside to mark the establishment of friendship around the world which has become much more popular as technology makes connecting easier than ever. SKOUT is an online APP that helps people connect. People may use the SKOUT online app to meet people, to find random people to chat with, and lets you keep in touch with people you meet in casual settings but may never see again.

“Technology enables us to connect and stay in touch with new friends around the world,” CEO of SKOUT, Christian Wiklund said. He also noted that having online friends is now as normal as it is to have them in the material world.

According to the survey of 23,000 users of SKOUT, 76 percent of Americans have online friends that are online only, and 83 percent said they would like to actually meet those people. The survey also showed that 62 percent of Americans said they have at least five online friends, and 41 percent said they have 10 or more.

Of those surveyed 64 percent said they have friends online from other countries, and 92 percent said they use a mobile device instead of a computer. SKOUT is for mobile devices. Sixty percent also said they connect with online friends daily.

The way people communicate has changed due to technology, but people still need friends, and to feel connected to specific people. While real life friendships may seem the most real to most people, online friends can also offer positive feelings and morale support.

SKOUT representatives say 16 million connections were made in 2015 with the travel feature. It operats with IOS, Andriod or Windows. SKOUT can be found on Facebook and Twitter, and can be found online at SKOUT is available in 16 languages and 180 countries.

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    This allows people to connect to a certain area or city anywhere in the world, and thus make friends in that area. While most people using SKOUT use a mobile device, it can still be used with a computer. I must also admit that online essay writers will have enough to contend with when it’s time.

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