Stephen Murray and the Right Way of Investing

While many individuals might think that they know the idea of what a stock broker, banker, or investment professional is, the fact of the matter is many people truly have no idea. Someone like Stephen Murray is not only the individual who set the mold for anyone working in financial services, but he also did so while becoming an industry specific name that others did strive to be like. While Stephen Murray may have stepped away from his position back in 2015 as the former President and CEO of CCMP Capital, his ideas and guidance are still found in the halls and the walls of the organization. After all, Stephen Murray may have passed away due to an illness, but it is only because of his efforts for countless days, late nights, and years of training and motivating others that CCMP Capital continues to be a leader in the field.

When individuals think about investments on Crunchbase, there are different points of view that people will take a look at and hold onto. Not only will some completely be afraid of investments, but they even don’t trust the banks and the organization as a whole. This is evident when you consider the youngest generation in the professional field and the majority of the millennials went through the great recession.

They not only saw countless sums of money get lost overnight, but they were also present to see the lives of their parents and grandparents have to change in order to meet the change in the marketplace. Not only did jobs and entire industries simply go away, but when the dust had settled there were years of work added back onto the end of a career as a result of the financial crisis.

When you start to think about how investors will move forward again, the entire idea is based upon trust. That is exactly why the work of CCMP Capital, and Stephen Murray as the driving force behind the push, has excelled so much. The company is focused on people helping people, and because the younger generations are so easily able to sniff out authenticity they are able to become comfortable with the representatives who truly want to watch out for them and take care of them as well. It is for this exact reason that Stephen Murray’s principles of taking care of others first will continue to live on within CCMP Capital for the long haul.

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