Stephen Murrray, CCMP Capitals President

Stephen Murray was the president and CEO of CCMP Capital, a private equity firm. He passed last year, March 12, 2015, at the age of 52. Murray went to Boston College and graduated with a degree in economics. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

He then ended up getting his masters in business from Columbia Business School. From there he became a credit analyst at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation, which was his first involvement in business. Murray eventually became the CEO of JP Morgan Partners a buyout business

JP Morgan Partners became two separate corporations in 2006 when CCMP Capital separated from JPMorgan Chase in 2006. Stephen Murray was named the CEO of CCMP Capital in 2007. Stephen Murray ran the company well enough to get $3.4 billion in commitments from investors in 2007.

These movements solidified CCMP Capital as one the biggest private equity firms in the nation. Murray also ended up serving board for many companies including, AMC Entertainment, The Vitamin Shoppe, Generac Power Systems, and much more.

Aside from his great success in the business world, Murray was very active in philanthropy. He supported the Make-A-Wish Foundation in New York. He served on the boards of many charities.

He continued much of this philanthropic work until he passed in early March of last year. Obviously, Murray left a lasting impression in the company he helped create and the people he helped through his charitable ventures.

Before his death, Stephen Murray had helped Stephen Murray CCMP Capital raise two multi-billion dollar funds for the company. They raised $3.6 Billion in 2014 with Murray at the helm. Murray resigned about a month before his death citing health reasons as the concern.

His health reasons seemed valid concern since he passed away from illness shortly after resigning. Greg Brenneman, CCMP’s chairperson, president, and CEO said in an interview regarding the death“We are very saddened to learn that our friend and former partner, Stephen Murray has passed away,” He also said “Our deepest condolences, thoughts, and prayers are with his wife and sons. We know they were his pride and joy.”

He ended the statement with these kind words, “A founding partner of CCMP Capital; Stephen Murray was a terrific investor and dealmaker who spent the majority of his career in private equity. We are grateful for his positive contributions to the success of CCMP and its predecessors.”

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