Susan McGalla Leads by Example to Inspire Women Business Leaders

Susan McGalla is an entrepreneur and business consultant from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is the founder and CEO of P3 Executive Consulting. The firm provides visibility and marketing consultation and business process solutions that increase efficiency. In like manner, she serves as the Vice President of The Pittsburg Steelers, the oldest National Football League franchise in the north division and the pride of Pennsylvania.

She is one of the leading and highly influential women business leaders in the country. Susan McGalla is vocal about the success of women business leaders. She has graced numerous podiums including the Carnegie Mellon University and the Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh. She reiterates that women increasingly want to be identified as professionals and leaders and not just as women.

She attributes her gender-balanced principles and excellence in business leadership to a strong family upbringing. Susan McGalla encourages women to get an education. The economy is largely skills-based and developing a marketable skill-set will open the doors to career growth and leadership opportunities at the workplace. Strive to get as much formal education as possible.

She also recommends finding ways to stay confident and resilient to keep your leadership dream alive. This includes building networks of like-minded people and industry influencers. She asserts women should ignore the perceived glass ceiling as well as strategies based on affirmative action. Establish a strong work ethic and focus on performance.

Susan McGalla first worked at the Joseph Horne Company. It was at American Eagle Outfitters that she made her mark and demonstrated her business leadership prowess. She joined the company in 1994. She beat the odds to rise through the ranks to become the president of the company.

The company adopted a disruptive strategy by focusing on the value of the ideas and leadership she offered. She was able to grow the company to become the favorite fashion brand with teens and adults countrywide. Under her leadership, the company grew to over $3 billion in annual revenues, four additional clothing lines, over a thousand stores and more than twenty-eight thousand employees.

Susan McGalla attended Mount Union College where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree. She still serves on the board. She is also associated with the board at HFF Inc., Magee-Women’s Hospital Research Institute and Foundation as well as the Cancer Institute at the University of Pittsburg. She has also served as the Chairperson of the American Eagle Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to the rehabilitation and preservation of the bald eagle in the US.

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