Susan McGalla Offers Insight on Women Empowerement

In a world full of of white collar jobs that is mainly dominated by men, Susan McGalla rose against all odds to build a career for herself. From various managerial positions and even being President in big companies to establishing her own company she conquers the world of business. Susan has been setting a successful trending pace for women.

Success story

At American Eagle Outfitter Inc. McGalla chose confidence, hardwork and flexibility to scale to greater heights. This was evident in the way she was comfortable working with both men and women a value she learned as a child being the only daughter of a football coach with two brothers. Her prowess in marketing saw her rise to being President and Chief Merchandising Officer.

After leaving the eagles outfitters McGalla moved to Pittsburgh Steelers where she serves as a vice President and has carried on her success story for she has been part of huge innovations including the “wear what we wear” campaign to promote the company’s products to the fans.

Susan McGalla as a role model

She encourages fellow women to scale up to greater heights and take up leadership roles. McGalla owns a consultancy company that helps spot and nature fresh talent. She encourages women to take up the challenge of rising to the top and maintaining the position with much success. She also instills in women the value of resilience in order to view themselves as professional and not women first. Her determination to empower women cannot be deterred. She possesses a clear focus that seeks to encourage women from all walks of life.


Women are smart and innovative. They simply have to push themselves harder and embrace values that make them stronger and more confident without thinking that male colleagues are more superior to them as seen in Susan McGalla’s career where her hard work and determination have seen her grow over the years to lead in big companies that are dominated by men. McGalla has worked hard to ensure that her life story is inspirational to women. She believes that she can set an attractive pace for them to scale the heights of development.

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