Taking a Close Look at Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings is a financial institution that assist both individuals and companies to raise their equity capital. It does not offer loans at high interest rates but instead clients require security in order to be awarded loans. In order to have access to their loans, a company must avail their financial records. Equities First Holdings will then evaluate their books of accounts to determine the risk of the business and its future performance in relation to stocks, treasuries and bonds.

By working in partnership with Equities First Holdings, companies are assured of enjoying its perks. One benefit of working with Equities First Holdings is that the clients enjoy a loan to value ratio of 75%. This means that a client can secure up to three quarters of the worth of their assets. With a guarantee of 75% debt capital, it is easier for the business owners to raise the remaining 25% equity capital to ensure smooth running of their operations.

Another benefit of working with Equities First Holdings is that for repeat clients, loans may be secured within 24 hours of applying. This is unlike other financial institutions where it takes up to a few months to receive the debt capital. The quick allocation of money often prevents business from operating below normal capacity due to lack of operational capital.

The use of stocks, bonds and treasuries as security for loans is another benefit that clients enjoy when working with Equities First Holdings. Unlike other money lending institutions that require assets such machines or even title deeds of the plot on which the business premise is built, Equities First Holdings may only require a given portion of stock as security. This makes it be seen as a shareholder in the business instead of as the lenders.

The above stated benefits of working with Equities First Holdings have resulted in the company growing in to a global lender. This is because with the current economic situation, many lenders have tightened their lending criteria. This means that many company cannot secure loans and therefore often turn to Equities First Holdings for assistance.

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