Talk Fusion The Best Video Communication Services

Talk Fusion is all about video communication, is it used for video chat, video email, video newsletters, and live meetings. The world of video emails became very popular in 2007 and spread around the world quickly. Video chatting doesn’t have to only be done on the computer but can be done on your cell phone and or tablet. Talk Fusion is a great to host a conference through the live meeting feature and is positively and successfully used in the business world today. The company is used in over 85 countries and some are known as Yahoo, Aol, and CBS. Talk Fusion is also located in the state of Florida and is a member of DSA direct selling association.

Bob Reina is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion. Bob is seen as a leader and also a charitable donor to many charities. Bob created talk fusion to help many people and families across the world to better communicate. In Bob’s earlier years, he was a full-time police officer but also at the time of being an officer Bob took up a marketing career part-time. Bob Reina wanted to see regular emails to be used for video mail, in which the vidoes would only be 10 seconds long.

Bob graduated from the University of South Florida with a degree in criminology. Bob now has over 20 years in the marketing industry. Bob takes his job very seriously and in his free time he spends it supporting non-profit groups to help animals. Bob loves animals and would often bring pets to the office each day.

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