Talos Energy Is Growing With Integrity

For the last eighty years, the Mexican government has been on a campaign that would allow foreign energy competitors back into the Mexican waters, and their energy markets. Recently, a new offshore oil well was sunk in the Gulf of Mexico. This was the joint venture of three oil companies. One of the companies was a London based oil company, the other was a Mexico based company, and the third was Talos Energy which is an American company based in Houston, Texas. Drilling of the well began in May of 2017, and was the first well launched by a company that was not run by the Mexican government. The well is estimated to hold from one hundred to five hundred barrels of crude oil. Named the Zama-1, Mexican officials saw it as an interesting exploration.

Talos Energy, LLC is a private oil and gas company based in Houston. The energy company is focused on exploration in the Gulf of Mexico. The investment funds that back Talos gas and oil company are all affiliated with Apollo Global Management, LLC, Talos management, and Riverside Holding, LLC. Talos Energy was started in 2011 by Tim Duncan and a group of partners. With equity of over $600 million dollars, it is fast becoming a number one lucrative, small business.

Last year, the company reported over 16,000 barrels of oil per day from their well in the Gulf of Mexico. The company operated with  team of 60 in the Houston area, and more than another 60 field operators, drillers, mechanics, and technicians. This year Talos Energy was named best workplace by Workplace Dynamics. It was rated among other small businesses of equal size. Talos has acquired a gas and oil producing subsidiary which is the Helix Energy Solutions, and is anticipating the acquisition of another. This year Tim Duncan and his team have a projected revenue of $500 million dollars, and will hire more people, and continue to grow the company.

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