The Adventures Of Visiting Nation Parks

Gasoline prices have settled at bargain prices around the United States of America and people are flocking to State and National Parks by the millions. The National Park System is celebrating a century of operation, and there is a flood of visitors lead by the recently retired “Baby Boomers” who can take advantage of senior rates at National Parks across the country. If you are 62 or older, you can get this pass. Find out how at:Your text to link… But there are two caveats for visiting the National Parks. If you and your family are camping extra protection needs to be provided to take care of a new strain of disease, the Zika virus, coming from our ubiquitous unfriendly picnic intruder, the mosquito. Repellents, long sleeves, and other basic protection from insects need to be used. Protect yourselves follow what Consumer Reports recommends here: Your text to link…
For those who might need an excuse to avoid the National Park System, there is a series of in-depth investigations into disappearances happening at National Parks which David Paulides has researched and assembled into a series of chilling books documenting this strange, gripping mystery. His books are available on-line: Your text to link… Paulides is a former cop who stumbled on this most intriguing occurrence and has investigated it with fervor and respect for those who have mysteriously gone missing. He advises anyone heading out to a National Park to never go hiking alone, and to carry a personal distress and locating device. He carries a firearm when he goes hiking and advises those who have carry permits to also take firearms with them when in the wilderness.

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