The Best Places to Get Outdoors in Britain

Are you looking for some vacation inspiration for an outdoor-inspired trip to the British Isles? If so, here are some of the top ideas for your next vacation to Great Britain. All of these ideas put outdoor living first, so don’t sign up for a trip to these places if you’d prefer the cushy existence of a five star hotel.


First, the north coast of Scotland is a beautiful getaway if you’re looking for lots of green and coastal areas. The island of Mull is especially beautiful and features awe-inspiring views of the water.


Next, consider taking a trip to some of the old fashioned and super quaint British seaside towns. We’re talking about Norfolk, Suffolk and Yorkshire most of all. County Durham is also absolutely beautiful and a must-see for those who have never been there before. You’ll have gorgeous views of the water as well as awesome cliffs and the greenest grass on the coast.


For our next trip, try the Lake District, and Brecon Beacons and Dartmoor are pretty awe-inspiring as well. You can wander wherever you want, and no matter what direction you head in, you’ll have beautiful views in front of you. No wonder Lizzie Bennet of Pride and Prejudice was so amazed when she visited with her aunt and uncle. The Lake District is another must-see as are Brecon Beacons and Dartmoor.


If you’re planning a trip to Britain for an outdoor excursion, booking couldn’t be easier. Try AirBnB for a more authentic experience.


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