The Glorious Mighty Fortress Church

Cathedrals and churches of plenty, almost too much to count make a home in the state of Minnesota. They come in so many unique shapes and sizes, ranging from the mesmerizing and ancient to the simple and quiet. Each and every one of them as its own story and history to tell. There is a fair few among the many that are truly remarkable.

One that would take some breath away is the Lakewood Memorial Chapel in Minneapolis. Built in 1910, Lakewood Memorial Chapel has the architecture to honor the cemetery that it closely neighbors. It is known the be the most historic churches. Another amazing church to visit is the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in New Ulm. Designed in the classic Baroque style architecture, stands tall with grace and beauty. Her interior seriously matches her exterior just perfectly. Another beauty is the quaint and lovely Episcopal Church of Our Savior in Little Falls. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on Facebook.

There is one in particular that is exceptionally amazing. That is the Mighty Fortress church in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. The one thing that makes this church unique is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world in a safe and loving way, in order to attract others to Him. Mighty Fortress church is always working hard to provide the right atmosphere for their church goers. It is enjoyable, encouraging and love is right through those doors. People are able to come as they are, just the way God would welcome them, with open arms. It is always welcome. There is no fear and no worry. View the interactive map at

Bishop Thomas Williams is an active minister inside Mighty Fortress Church for more than 30 years and continuing his ministry as of now. He is Mighty Fortress Church’s senior pastor and founder to boot and he uses his profound gifts to bring God into people’s lives. Graduating from Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa in Oklahoma, Thomas brought his work to Minnesota with a Master of Arts degree and he continues his Ministry, good and strong. Because of him, this church is kept alive, the more people who come in.


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