The Growth of Unsecured Notes

NexBank Capital, Inc., is a financial service provider that is based in Dallas. It is a member of FDIC. NexBank Capital Inc., offers first hand services to its clients in mortgage banking, investment banking and commercial banking. As at now, it has got an average of 51 – 200 employees. John Holt is the current president and Chief Executive Officer of NexBank Capital, Inc. NexBank Capital has partnered with the neighborhood homes in southern Dallas to provide affordable homes to the residents of the area.

In September 2016, NexBank Capital Inc. announced an impressive increase in one of its senior unsecured notes to $75 million in the private placement. The sole agent during the private placement of the notes was Sandler O’Neil and Partners, L.P. The notes have got five-year interest rates of 5.5% after which they will have an unfixed rate that will depend on the three-month LIBOR of 435.5 points. The proceeds from the offering are supposed to be used for capital growth and also for other corporate affairs. These senior unsecured notes cannot be sold or offered in the United States since they are not registered under the security Act.

NexBank Capital has got a wide range of clients in financial institutions and worldwide Corporations, which was $25 million as at March 18, 2016. Over the last six months NexBank Capital, Inc., has experienced a strong growth of investors, which has led to the increase of the banks offering. Their capital raise has increased to $100 million of debt and equity due their placement complements. Continued growth and strength of NexBank has been evident in the continued notes offering and majorly the recent Kroll Rating, which assigned the notes an investment grade rating. With their stable outlook, Kroll Rating recently got an upgrade from BBB- to BBB.

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