The Manse on Marsh Maintains a Unique Facility

Most families find the transition into old age by their loved ones a difficult stage in life. They are not able to digest how quickly their elderly loved ones have transitioned from healthy and active to dependent and in some cases with health complications. The Manse on Marsh, which is an assisted living community, in California seeks to ease the burden of the families and it also seeks to provide the best care for the residents. It takes the responsibility off the families and accords the older citizens and their families to enjoy each other. The family members are normally at ease knowing that their loved ones are receiving quality care.

Manse on Marsh has received many awards over the years. Some of the awards that have been accorded to the facility are; Builder of the Year that was awarded to the owner of Manse on Marsh Chris Skiff in 2000 by the HBA Central Coast, 2001 Best Commercial Remodel, 2001 Award of Commendation by Obispo Beautiful Association, 2003 and 2004 Best Retirement Community by the Tribune Reader’s Choice and 2007 Outstanding Contributions Award by Central Coast Parade of Homes, as well as the Caring Star Award. The facility has been used as a model for other upcoming development homes.

The environment is conducive to provide the residents with a clean and safe space. The environment enables the residents to develop hobbies and to foster relationships with other people. The facility ensures that both the physical and the mental well-being of the residents are catered for. The residents are provided with different living options and they choose one that best satisfies their needs. The residents can also live at the facility on permanent basis or on transitional basis. Some residents are brought in so that they can be cared for as they go through a certain face in life. Others are there on permanent basis. These options make The Manse on Marsh an attractive place for families to bring their loved ones.

The safety of the residents is also taken care of through check-ins five times a day, having access to care-givers and medical practitioners both night and day and by the residents having pendants that enable them to alert the staff members.

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