The Midas Legacy Transforms into an Internationally Acclaimed Research Firm

Midas Legacy is a team of research experts who exercise diligence in every work they handle. The firm’s research services target those who want to succeed in everything they do. Individual investors usually seek their services when they want to excel in managing their cash. Budding entrepreneurs can also benefit from the firm’s services especially when conceptualizing and implementing business ideas. Midas Legacy’s research services also apply to people who cherish happiness and inner peace. As an individual, the firm will offer you comprehensive guidelines on how to live positively. The company also targets individuals who want to retire from work early by providing them insights on how they should plan their retirement.


Midas Legacy’s mission is to guide people in realizing the life they seek by using different success elements. The firm achieves this mission by availing reliable and useful resources to people. These resources focus on social issues, retirement, finance, health, entrepreneurship and real estate. Signing up for the firm’s services will guarantee you several benefits. For instance, you receive The Midas Code book after registering as a Midas, Legacy member.

Leadership Team

Experts and product contributors are responsible for overseeing the operation of Midas Legacy. These individuals have also succeeded as best-selling authors, entrepreneurs, and stock market investors.

1. Jim Samson

Jim’s two-decade expertise lies in real estate, entrepreneurship, and trading. He is Midas Legacy’s publisher. The International Business Times praised him for his research efforts. As a best-seller, his books include Retirement Calculator Columns, the Best Business Blueprints, and Real Estate Riches. In 2006, he gained critical acclaim for discussing the financial bubble.

2. Sean Bower

Sean Bower is the chief editor of Midas Legacy. He began working as a journalist in his residence city. Over the years, Sean combined his journalism expertise with finance. He currently researches on financial markets and self-help studies. His work has featured on Yahoo Finance, Nikkei, and International Business. Sean once predicted that Toyota would record a 10 percent increase in its sales. This prediction came to pass since Toyota recorded a 10 percent increase in sales. Sean’s articles are published in Unlock Your Secret Columns and the Wall Street Informer.

3. Mark Edwards

Mark’s writing expertise lies in natural health topics. He incorporates his expertise as a natural health expert when working for Midas Legacy. Mark is passionate about emancipating people on natural cures, nutritious foods, and efficient health practices. Besides researching for Midas Legacy, he is a columnist for the Natural Cures.

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