The Most Beautiful of the California Ski Resorts

The Squaw Valley Ski Resort is beautiful resort to visit during all the seasons whether it be winter, summer, spring, or even fall. With so many attractions and events, time passes by quickly at this luxurious resort. As the CEO and the President of the resort, Andy Wirth has successfully created a vision of combining luxury with the beauty and the serenity of nature. Andy Wirth is a dedicated businessman who has held this position for the past six years. Thanks to Mr. Wirth, this ski resort has been attracting more people than ever with the new offered luxury as well as the expanded ski slopes. The Squaw Valley Ski Resort is a result of a recent merger between the Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley that now offers ski enthusiasts and explorers with over 6,000 acres of land to look upon.

The Squaw Valley Ski Resort has been considered to be one of the most beautiful sites to visit for those who want to enjoy a relaxing vacation with loved ones. The ski resort is located in the Tahoe region of Northern California and is noted to be one of the largest ski resorts on the West Coast. As a nature enthusiast himself, Andy Wirth has gone through many measures to create activities such as hiking, geocaching, camping, biking, as well as golfing to ensure that each visitor enjoys the outdoor views and serenity of the region.

Located in the Sierra Nevada, this ski resort offers combination of a windy breeze with the heat of the sun. One of the best sites to visit while at this Lake Tahoe Resort, a lake that is considered to be one of the most prized possessions of the United States. The crystal clear water makes this lake like a siren to all visitors. Those who swim or conduct other activities in the lake can see as far down as 70 feet below the surface of the lake.

As a successful businessman, Andy Wirth has made this ski resort centered around the beauty of the surrounding nature. Through many investments, Andy Wirth has made future investments in clean energy to use to ensure that the environment stays out of harm even with more visitors. Andy Wirth has dedicated over 25 years of his life to combine the beauty and serenity of nature with the luxury of fine dining and excellent views of nature.

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