The Role Of Susan McGalla In Nurturing Women Executives Of The Modern Age

In the corporate world, Susan McGalla is considered as one of the most influential women who has carved out their niche in business. You cannot talk about top female executives without mentioning the name of Susan McGalla. Many women are victims of self-doubt. They feel like they don’t have what it takes to go for management positions in companies or organizations. Some cling to the fallacy that there are not enough posts at the top for women. Susan McGalla believes that there exists as many senior positions for women as there are for men in the business.


According to Susan McGalla, some of the strategies women can use to scale up the corporate ladder include, advancing their academic qualifications, improving their self-confidence and overlooking the glass ceiling.


For anyone to qualify for executive positions in companies or organizations, they have to possess the pre-requisite academic qualifications. Susan McGalla challenges women to pursue higher educations. Those who’ve already acquired their undergraduate should not stop there rather they should gain more knowledge through postgraduate programs. In as much as obtaining higher education is costly, it eventually pays off. Susan recognizes the women who are already in higher education institutions because the knowledge they acquire prepares them for future workplace opportunities.


On self-esteem and personal confidence, Susan McGalla encourages women to nurture their desire for executive posts. Most women tend to develop cold feet whenever it comes to exercising their role in management positions. The reality that women should wake up to is that with sufficient knowledge and confidence, they can perform exemplarily in executive posts.


Of much importance to any woman who’s aspiring to be successful in the corporate world is their work ethic? According to Susan she never lets prejudice against women get the better of her. She knows that being a woman could make people isolate some roles for you, but it’s your role as a lady to break this “glass ceiling” and shun the status quo.


Susan is the brainchild of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. She serves as the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for The Pittsburgh Steelers. Susan boasts of experience and expertise in the fashion industry as well as the marketing, branding and merchandising sectors.


Susan’s early career in business can be dated back to the days she used to work for Joseph Horne Company. In the year 1994, she moved from Joseph Horne to the American Eagle Outfitters. Susan’s commitment to work ethics and brand success earned executive roles at AEO. She left the company in the year 2011 to start his consultancy.

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