The Tyrants Trouble Maker

Yes, it is now clear that Thor Halvorssen is no longer the average clock-punching do-goodnik responsible for keeping the vampire hours. Thor Halvorssen knowledge on the subject is not theoretical especially after he successfully exposed the corruption in the government when he was working as Venezuela’s drug czar. During this time, Thor Halvorssens’ father was being tortured in the Caracas prison while his mother was shot during an anti-Hugo Chavez demo.


Leopoldo López, Thor Halvorssen cousin, was a constant challenger of the Chavista regime which completely failed to die with its namesake. Currently, Leopoldo López is gutting in Venezuelan jail as a political prisoner. However, Thor Halvorssen never takes some time to play the stereotypical activist sad sack unlike most of the human rights racket.

Just as he says most of the things in an emphatic way, Thor revealed that he loves people. Though most of the people he loves are either defectors or dissidents or freedom trouble makers who are always responsible for blowing spitballs at the authorities whenever they are up against the tyranny.


Thor has been a victim after being beaten black and blue for the cause. In 2010, Thor together with a cameraman traveled to the Ho Chi Minh City looking forward to interviewing the Unified Buddist Church of Vietnam Patriarch Thich Quang Do. Thich Quang Dos’ church was banned and at times he had to spend over 28 hours under house arrest. They managed to tap an interview immediately Thor entered the monastery. Vietnamese authorities after that opted to use Thor as a heavy bag on their way out. Thor was put under arrest until he convinced the police he was one of the Buddhist seekers.

About Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen described by the New York Times as a Champion of the powerless and underdog producing film and an advocate of human rights. Thor Halvorssen is said to have started the work of fighting for human rights in 1989 when he was still an adolescent. He used to organize the opposition to the South African apartheid.


Thor Halvorssen has a Venezuelan and Norwegian background. Thor was involved in the promotion of the individual rights and process immediately after his father became a political prisoner in Venezuela.

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