Thor Halvorssen: Leader of the People

Founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum, and founder and CEO of the Human Rights Foundation, highly decorated human rights activist, Thor Halvorssen Mendoza (More commonly known as Thor Halvorssen) is now without a doubt one of the most exceptional people on the planet. Choosing to make his life a focus of extreme generosity by looking out to protect the people in every way he’s found out how, Thor Halvorssen has definitely made a huge positive difference in the world today.

Lending his assistance in areas such as public policy, public interest advocacy, civil liberties, pro-democracy advocacy, and individual rights he’s quickly becoming branded as the “spectacular human rights festival… on its way to becoming a human rights equivalent of the Davos economic forum,” by The Economist and everyone else with two ears, two eyes, and a decent understanding of how reality works. It truly is amazing how much good one person can do in the world. Thor is not only helping our world in advocacy, but thanks to his extreme, unwavering devotion to an extraordinarily worthy cause, he has become an idol to many young men and women today, inspiring them to spark change and not be afraid to stand up in the face of controversy in order to make a positive difference.

Appearing in highly respected publications/outlets, such as National Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post, National Public Radio, The Nation, Time magazine, and The Wall Street Journal Halvorssen is getting a chance most of us dream of: speak and be heard… And he most definitely has been heard. Achieving the honor of being presented with the Sol Feinstone Award for fighting to protect student speech, there’s no understandable reason anyone could be at odds with this beacon of hope in a sea of monsters. It is impressive to say the least, all what this brilliant man has achieved and we are looking to him in solidarity, braving the worlds to speak up because he has inspired us all to stand up for what’s right. We owe Thor Halvorssen Mendoza our deepest appreciation and respects, for he has put his neck out on the line to do what few people are trying at protecting, basic human rights and the freedom to exist in a world that treats everyone as equals, no matter their background, class, or ethnicity. Thor Halvorssen Mendoza is the Leader of the People.


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